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Please make a reservation!!!                CALL OR TEXT  1+(239)601-3215


WE ARE THE LEADING & UNBEATABLE                                                                        POLARIS SLINGSHOT COMPANY IN FLORIDA!!!                                                                  WE HAVE AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION SLINGSHOT!!!!



Slingshot Rental address is:      3893 Mannix Dr, #501 Naples, Fl 34114

Driving direction click link:

10 thoughts on “Contact us

    1. Hello GT! At what time would you like to pick it up? Do you prefer a stick shift or an automatic? Please feel free to call us at 239-601-3215 for more info.
      Sebastien Lemoine

  1. Hello, my boyfriend’s birthday is on March 8th and I seen that your offer a gift certificate with 10% off, would that apply to renting out the slingshot for 6 hours? Also is it mandatory to wear a full face helmet or not.

    1. Hello Maria and Happy Birthday in advance to your boyfriend. If you come and purchase a gift certificate you receive a 10% discount.
      It is not mandatory to wear a helmet, however you need to wear sunglasses. Please feel free to contact me at 239-601-3215 for any other questions.
      Sebastien Lemoine

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